Basu Dev Bhatta
Chairman (BOD)

Chairman Meassage

I feel honored and privileged to introduce Lympia National School with a distinct mission. Setting refined academic culture and producing skilled human resource to respond to the emerging of the market. Such a mission can only be achieved through refined education within school in determined way. Education is the foundation of human life, store house of knowledge, fulcrum of modern civilization and vehicle of changes. It is the third eye that empowers young mind to see the world entirely.
Lympia aims to uphold human ideals, norms and values to groom the tender minds of the children for their all round development and commits to fulfill demands of the contemporary society.
The school trusts on openness, honesty and mutual respect for creating homely and purpose full environment for effective learning. We encourage our students to work hard with zeal and enthusiasm. We value right attitudes, demeanor and aim at instilling these qualities in our students.
With all confidence and pride, I would like to assure all the guardians that Lympia will groom your words in an excellent academic environment to meet your expectations. All we need is the co-operation of staff, guardians, students and all the well-wisher to make Lympia of my dream.